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Freelance Digital Assets Portfolio

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Pokéverse League

I was lead artist/designer for the Pokéverse League, a reddit and discord based Pokémon League that ran for three years.


Among my responsibilities were designing our mascot, Bananahammer (the yellow Altaria), designing all of our branded icons, banners, and newsletters, discord emotes, badges, and custom Pokémon profile pictures for our gym leaders.


As we grew, I also wrote the style guide/game bible so that we could bring in more artists.

More icons available upon request.

Flight Rising

I've been designing Flight Rising skins for close to three years now. I do both skins for myself and for private commissioners and work in accordance to Flight Rising's style guide.

For a full selection of published Flight Rising skins, click here.

Unpublished Games

I can't share these publicly yet, but here's work for two different projects. I'm contracted as a background designer for an in-progress visual novel as well as character/item design for a virtual board game that's on hold due to COVID.

Pixel Cat's End

Adoptables done for another pet-site that I'm beta-testing. Sized for bios (hanging cats) and forum signatures (loaf cats).

Client Work

Assorted one-off jobs for private clients including icons, character pin-ups, and character design.