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What is FebHUEary?

I started FebHUEary with a palette of watercolors and a dream of helping artists in all stages of their journey take a month of hard work and turn it into something tangible. One prompt list, a few tutorials, and 28 days later, FebHUEary was born! Over the course of the months, #FebHUEary and #FebHUEary2020 generated over 800 unique pieces of art! Daily Dragons is one of many art books created this month, and hopefully many, many more will come in future years!


Daily Dragons

Daily Dragons is a collection of 28 paintings done every day of FebHUEary! It's the inaugural FebHUEary art book! Each dragon design was done with a single watercolor pigment or an even mix of two pigments, creating completely monochromatic paintings. The dragons themselves are inspired by the pigments used to make them! I truly hope they bring as much magic and joy into your life as they did in mine. The completed book is available in my shop, as well as the original paintings and prints!

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