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The food kittens are inspired by the various handheld foods from around the world! Almost every culture has one, and it's definitely my favorite food 'genre'. I used to live on top of a bakery for a while, and they used to make croissants every weekend and every Wednesday. You better bet I woke up early to get my hands on one every week!

The various cats are inspired by my work in cat rescue - every cat is based on a real-life kitty that was a long term resident in our shelter! Croissant Cat was inspired by a kitty called Alena. She was beautiful, but so, so shy! It took her a while for her true personality to show but once she opened up she was adopted in a heartbeat!

Charms are 2.5" on the longest side and are double sided. The design is the same on both sides. They are double board, so the artwork is sandwiched between two layers of acrylic, which keeps the artwork safe!

A bell can be added to any charm that doesn't have one! There's a bell add-on listing in my shop, let me know in the notes which charms you'd like to have bells!

Croissant Kitten Acrylic Charm/Keychain

  • Charms are shipped with a protective plastic film - it's easiest to remove if you start near the hole where the hardware goes through. I prefer to leave the film on my charms until they get a little beat up because it makes it easy to lift the film where the scratches happen.

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