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Introducing the "Fidget Friends!"


Say goodbye to the disappointments of other squishy toys!


So many fidget toys on the market haven't worked with my ADHD! I searched for a squishy toy that wouldn't get sticky or go flat and came up empty, so I decided to make all of us squishy lovers a friend.


Made from premium-quality mochi minky fabric and a unique stuffing blend, Fidget Friends have an irresistibly squishy texture. The Fidget Friend community loves how they feel like marshmallows or mochi treats! Best of all? It's silent, so you can fidget with small friend discreetly one-handed without any distracting noises during class or work meetings.


Fidget Friends are engineered to maintain their shape and won't become flat or sticky over time. Spot clean or hand-wash only, and always air dry to keep your friend in tip-top shape!


Spheal is about 3"x3" big and made of mochi minky with embroidered details.


Mochi Shiny Spheal Fidget Friend

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