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Introducing our Plush Stingray, inspired by the Ray of Sickness spell from D&D! With its super soft texture and sickly green and yellow hues, this chaotic cutie brings a touch of magic to your adventures.

Includes a spell card so you can play as your plushie in game, or inflict them upon your players!


Stingrays are 9 inches long, including the tail, with about an 10 inch wingspan. They're made from super soft minky with embroidered details. They're each weighted with poly pellets, and are the perfect weight to throw like a bean-bag!

You will receive one of the 2 rays at random. Since every plushie is handmade, there will be slight variations from bat to bat.

Spell Rays are RETIRING... on this base! This is your last chance to get one that looks like this from me. I'll be doing a Spell Ray Redux this Spring on an all new pattern base with brand new embroidery and ALL NEW SPELLS!

Ray of Sickness

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